Organising a corporate event in 2020 can seem like an intimidating prospect. But follow these 10 top tips and you’ll successfully plan a flawless event!

1. Purpose

Having a clear purpose to your event ensures you have a set of simple, easy to understand goals and therefore easy to achieve. These goals range from impressing potential clients to simply improving the company mood with a party.

2. Budget

We cannot state the importance of this. Set a budget, ensure all members of your team are aware of it, then stick to it!

3. Venue

A venue can either make or break an event. It helps set the mood and ensures you have enough space for everyone, but it may be one of the biggest costs.

4. Travel Plans

When picking a venue, make sure you keep in mind how people will actually get to the event. If it’s a venue with no public transport links then attendees will have to car share or hire taxis, which can be an expensive cost.

5. Marketing

If your corporate event is of a client-based nature, then marketing is something you will need to keep in mind. How will your attendees actually find about your event unless you properly market it through social media and email campaigns?

6. Have a Timetable

Your attendees will want to have a clear timetable for the day so they know what is happening and when. Having a prepared timetable helps to ensure your attendees have a good time.

7. Catering

Ensuring you have a good caterer is really important, and it’s always best to do some shopping around and see what options are available to you.

8. Technology

We’ve all been in meetings or conferences when the technology fails and the speaker is left without their presentation. To avoid this, ensure your a/v technology definitely works.

9. Plan Ahead

Something is almost always going to go wrong. From the smallest hiccup to the largest disaster, it’s always best to plan ahead and come up with a backup plan just in case your caterer doesn’t deliver or the weather acts up.

10. Do Your Research

Always do your research and read the small print to make sure they’ll be no nasty surprises on the day of your event. Need our help? Call us today on 01793 887632 to discuss your event requirements.


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