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All of our venue ideas at Chordiem have been carefully reviewed by experts to help you make well-informed decisions. However, we understand if you still have a hard time picking the perfect facility for your particular event. We have several suggestions to choose from, after all.

But if you are wondering what factors you should consider in your search for the best venue for your next corporate event, check this out.

How many guests are you expecting to attend your event?
Before scouting for venues, it is ideal to have, at least, a rough estimate of the total number of guests for your event. This way, you can narrow down your search to venues that have the capacity to accommodate a certain number of people.

Aside from the seating capacity, make sure that the venue has a spacious layout too, so the whole party does not feel cramped and crowded, especially if you are having a circus-themed corporate event, which requires a large space for exciting shows and stunts.

Is the event venue in a convenient location for the majority of the guests?
Consider your guest list and where they are coming from to reach your event. Minimise the hassle for them by choosing a venue with a convenient location within close proximity to their homes or offices. Venues that can be reached by various modes of public transport should be put on the priority list.

Is this venue within your budget? Are there cost-effective options?
The working budget for your event whether it be corporate event or a team building activity will be one of the biggest limiting factors when choosing a venue. However, this does not mean that you should compromise style and quality for the sake of sticking to your budget.

There are several ways that you can afford a great venue without overspending. You can plan your event in advance. Set it on a date and time of the year that is off-peak. Ordinary weekdays, for instance, are less likely to be reserved and are therefore offered at a lower booking fee. Enquire about additional services from the venue that can be bundled up with an events package of your choice.

Chordiem is an award-winning event service company in Swindon. We offer corporate entertainment, amazing themed packages, and team building events ideas. For enquiries about our full range of event services, please call 01793 887632 or email us at info@chordiem.com.


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