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When planning a prestigious, themed event there are many things that should be considered to ensure that everything is ready on time, with safe and smooth operations and that to ensure that everything looks purposely placed.

We hope these 7 ‘Vital’ Considerations help you with your next event.

  • Access!
    • Safe parking for a van with direct access to entrance doors (not crossing roads)
    • Are corridors wide
    • Double door access to room
    • No tight corners
    • Avoid stairs
    • Distance to room (makes a huge difference to time scales with multiple journeys back and forth to the van)
    • If lift is needed, what sort of lift is available? Check dimensions and weight allowance


  • Room Ceiling Height!
    • For best theming effect the ceiling needs to be 3metres or more at its lowest point.
    • Check for chandeliers or low lighting fixtures that may effect this
    • All props need to be taller than head height, otherwise they won’t be seen.


  • Time to Set Up!
    • The more items to set, the more time required. We normally say a minimum of 3 hours as a standard set up time. This can be decreased by taking more man power, but this can in turn increase the cost.


  • Who Else is in the Room!
    • If the room is clear when we go in to set up, it will reduce set up time.
    • If the room is being cleared at the same time from the days’ event with multiple parties in the room it can quite often take longer or require more staff.


  • Type of Room!
    • It’s difficult to the theme a room that is already naturally themed or ‘prestigious’ looking
    • For a theme to be strong, the plainer the room in the first instance the better


  • Positioning!
    • We find the best looking themes have a feature wall which is usually or best to be the fall that faces the guests as they enter the room (but not essential) – this gives huge impact.
    • Check for the best wall where no access is required to produce such a feature wall
    • The rest of the theme elongates from this feature wall
    • Feature walls can be create to cover the whole wall length wise or just part cover (usually kept central)


  • Removal!
    • Usually this takes less time than set up, but allow up to 3 hours in most cases. Make sure the venue is aware that theme will be removed immediately after the event.


If you need advise or professional service to help with you event, feel free to contact our experienced team, chat now on our web chat facility, call us on 01793 887 632 or send an email request to info@chordiem.com


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