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Whether for businesses or sporting clubs, team building is all about appreciating, developing, understanding and maximising the people in your team and also the team as a unified group. Team building activities are designed to bring all members together for a common cause, encourage people to show their talents and perform at their best, individually and as team players.

1. Improve productivity

The common goal of team building activities is to improve the productivity of the employees and teach them how to work together more effectively. It also allows them to see that everyone has different skills and approaches to a problem. This understanding is then transferable to the office environment, as each team member will have a better understanding of how they can work better as a team and can see what areas their colleagues excel in.

2. Culture

Team building days can help to reinforce the vision and values of a company and can contribute to the overall organisational culture. Sometimes these programs reinforce culture and other times they may actually develop a culture.

3. Nurture problem-solving skills

Team building activities usually involve introducing a problem that the team members have to solve together. The problem-solving skills that they practice can transfer into their workplace. Through the activities, team members gather the skills that let them determine barriers to accomplishing goals and come up with ways to overcome those. Also, these activities can give employees structured ways to solve problems together while making each other aware of the resources that each team member brings to the workplace.

4. Leadership

Team building activities will recognise leadership qualities in individuals and feature areas where all employees can contribute as leaders.

5. Communication

Open and clear communication is the key to the success of projects and relationships within a company. The exercises in the team building can help to foster better communication skills in employees and develop their ability to co-operate well. Plus, the fun nature of team building activities allows your employees to know each other in a casual environment outside the office. This can go a long way to building trust between employees.

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