Blog 11 – Corporate Conferences and CompanyEvents Management – Why it’s The Volume Button of your Company’s Message:

As companies grow and develop it normally follows a line of action, set out by a Company Mission. Chordiem’s current mission ‘To the top of the Tower’ leads us up to 2018 with timed stages and targets to reach. It’s important too that the mission shows the company’s core values, its strengths to develop, strengths to leverage, its purpose and a summary of the mission ahead. This helps make a clear path for the company’s success, but how do you get everyone in the business on board?

Too many companies keep all their mission details at Director and Senior Manager level only, but can this cause that ‘us and them’ divide between staff, management and Directors?

I believe that for a company to reach success goals quicker everyone needs to be ‘on board’ with the mission, this is something we heavily promote and implement at Chordiem and we’ve come a long way since we have. Our team here pretty much created the mission too. We found that by having everyone involved, they were more enthusiastic to succeed with the company. It shows recognition of their value to the company, something the company gains back in multiples.

A company I know based in the USA – Infusionsoft is a huge advocate of sharing their mission to everyone internally and as a result are now rated as one of the best places to work in the States and have seen huge financial growth as a result.

Another company closer to home in the UK Business Growth Systems also has a super motivated team and have grown to become a 7 figure company in just 2 years.

One of the best ways to communicate your message is through company conferences and corporate events. This is the volume button of your company’s message, the effort and investment you put into the event will determine how loud your message becomes. Share your message right and your whole company will be on board, supportive and will help the company achieve its ‘Mission’.

When planning to put your message across at a conference or meeting consider:

– The company event brand – Needs to be strong and proud
– The equipment used – Fit for purpose and not shabby looking, look prop for hire
– The environment – Spacious, cool, comfortable. High ceilings are good
– The script – Simple, easy to communicate, understood at all levels of the business
– Visual aids – Think outside the box, slides have had their day
– The sound – To suit the size of the audience. Have a sound technician on site. Find the best microphone system for your speaker and have back up.
– The atmosphere – What do you want, intrigue, bright, lively, fun, serious, dark?
– The focus – Have 3 main focuses for the event and expand on them
– The message – Say it like you mean and say it like you care. People will follow
– The speaker’s stance – They are a leader so by stance and body language they need to look super strong, super positive and super committed.
– The audience – Put yourself in their shoes and work out what you would want to hear, how you would react and what you would participate in.
– The reception (first impression!) – Hugely important to impress to start the conference off on a positive high. Organised registration, decent refreshments and possibly treats which can be anything from fruit to biscuits, to cakes and pastries and it’s easy to think outside of the box here too.
– The timings – Consider best concentration levels and times and work your important sessions around this to have best absorption from your audience. We recommend 45 minute sessions at most.

Special needs – It’s so important to cater for everyone, so before the event make sure you check the list of attendees and ask if they need anything to help them get the best out of the event. This can include hearing loops, certain seats due to phobias, wheelchair access to name but a few, but this is something that can be hugely impactful on the day if not considered.
By considering the above your company will be positioning itself very high to its most important audience, its staff!

See your corporate conference or company event as an investment, get it right and your people are sure to go above their line of duty to help towards the company’s success!

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