5 Corporate Christmas Party Game Ideas to Try

During office Christmas parties, employees can relax, enjoy drinks and have a good time with one another. A great way to start your office holiday party is by playing games. If you're looking for office Christmas party games to try out, we have compiled a list of the...

How to Manage a Corporate Event

Make sure you understand what your event is all about The first step to planning an event is to define what you hope to achieve. To begin with, ask yourself what the purpose is and what you hope to gain from the event. After identifying your goals and expectations,...

Quick Case Study

How to nail participant integration at the start of a company event. My Event Service Company Chordiem Limited have developed a great ongoing contract with a national engineering company whereby, for their intensive training events we provide some light hearted,...

Company culture and staff

I have heard so many organisations say they are organising a 'Fun' corporate event for their staff and then say that it's open to the whole company, but when I ask for their expectation of numbers, in most cases it's just 1/3 or less of the workforce that was expected...

Christmas theming tips

If you are planning you company Christmas event this year and want to do something privately rather than the standard ‘joiner nights’ to show your team how much they are appreciated and that you mirror the effort they put in day to day by producing a fun, immersive...

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