Boost Internal Communication with Corporate Entertainment Events:

We’ve all seen it in the workplace, at a company event, conference or training course, where attendees stick with the people they know and form a small allegiance. This keeps each person very much in their existing comfort zone, but at what cost to the company? 

Could the company benefit from everyone breaking down these perceived comfort zones, which will lead to a better understanding of each and everyone’s role within the organisation as well as having a team, with much improved internal communication?

Corporate Entertainment Events can be the perfect vehicle to break down internal barriers of communication and widen employees’ comfort zones within the company.

Chordiem have been organising corporate entertainment events for companies for over 15 years and have a wide variety of options that can suit virtually any kind of corporate events and size of group. We learnt a lot over the years including some of the very best options for a mixed corporate audience, we’ve delivered successful corporate entertainment events throughout the UK and share with you here some of the important things to consider for planning corporate entertainment events as the volume button for your company message.

  • What’s the overall objective behind the corporate entertainment or company event?

This may be to reward people who have performed higher than expected, to impress potential partners to the business or to help merge departments or companies together. 

  • Look at the demographic profile of those attending 

Different styles of corporate entertainment suit different groups so try to gain as much information as possible about the mix of people attending. For example – if you had 100 people attending and 60 of them were non English speaking it may make things awkward to have an English based quiz night. If you have a mixed international audience consider universally recognised entertainments such  as ‘Casino Tables’, or ‘Games Nights’ including games like pool, bowling and table football, which are all recognised pretty much worldwide these days.

  • Consider the message being sent 

Corporate Entertainment can usually match the theme of any company conference or event, but consider ‘what is’ the message that this part of the event is saying. Is the message that ‘we want you to talk more’ or ‘ for you to know more of your colleagues’, could it be ‘we want you to get better at positive interactivity with other people on the move in the workplace’, or ‘to get used to working with people you don’t know so well as part of a team’?  Corporate entertainment events whether structured or informal can play a big part in improving all of these.

  • Think about set up and break down times

Something that is often forgotten is the consideration of set up times and breakdown, which in some cases can take up to 2 hours. The most cost effective corporate entertainment events are normally quick to set up and can be removed with no disruption to the guests who may stay on following the entertainment itself. Corporate entertainments with technical equipment involved can normally take longer, whilst something like fun casino tables or games can be removed reasonably fast.

  • Corporate Entertainment isn’t always a ‘Jolly’

Try to think beyond everyone having a good time and consider the psychological values of mass corporate entertainment. Think about the confidence that it could bring to your workforce, a company that works closer together and becomes even more productive. As we know better productivity results in better profit, so see corporate entertainment as a long term investment, it will pay you a good return if done well.

Organising corporate entertainment will be made much easier by using these 5 simple steps 

Look out for our next blog about some of the most popular Corporate Entertainment Events, and should you need any further help planning then contact one of our expert team at Chordiem on 01793 887 632, or click here for more Corporate Entertainment information.

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