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I have heard so many organisations say they are organising a ‘Fun’ corporate event for their staff and then say that it’s open to the whole company, but when I ask for their expectation of numbers, in most cases it’s just 1/3 or less of the workforce that was expected to attend! 


For me it rings alarm bells, but the companies themselves don’t seem to see the problem…………..the problem of ‘Lack of Focus’ on creating a positive ‘Company Culture’ and identifying the benefits of such a programme.

I ask “why is the event happening? What’s the reason” and most of the time the answer I get is……”well, just because we do it every year”

Also, when it comes to budgeting for such corporate events, my experience is that most say……”ooh, we can’t spend too much on this, because it’s for the staff not customers!”

I believe that the most successful companies in the world created their success by not only focussing on their customers, but also looking internally too and creating a really strong, positive company culture that holds a super strong message and great values that motivate everyone employed.

I consider ‘Internal Staff Events’ as a vital part of a positive company culture. They act as the Volume Button of your Brand Message……….how loud you want that message to be will depend on the investment the company makes in organising such corporate events and I am not only talking about financial investment, I am talking about time invested, effort invested, enthusiasm invested and most essentially  communication invested.

Most are aware that a person who feels happy and valued will be way more productive than someone who isn’t. They are more likely to stay with the company, reducing recruiting costs. They are more likely to give word of mouth referrals about the company, resulting in inexpensive sales, and enjoy the working environment so much they don’t feel like going to work is a chore.

There are so many elements to a positive company culture, something I am specialising in more in the future and I would love to hear what challenges you face or have faced at your company regarding this.

Also, to help you, here are a few tips if you are planning such a corporate event this year!

1) If considering outdoor activities, select an event venue that has one large open space rather than lots of pockets of space as this could split the group up rather than keep everyone together.

2) Venues with a patio and room overlooking the outdoor space are also ideal, it allows those not so active to enjoy watching others participate…..they get just as much enjoyment as those taking part, but remember everyone’s different.

3) It’s always recommended to reserve a large indoor room at the venue, which again in an ideal situation overlooks the outdoor area. This room can give cover for eating or if the weather is forecasted as being wet, then you have somewhere that contingency games / activities can be arranged.

4) When it comes to activities, consider how many people can do a particular activity at any one time. For example – Frisbee golf can have some 20 people playing at once. People like to do and to watch, but not many like to queue or wait around too long. Also, ensure that there is a variety to appeal to all. Focus on quality and purpose rather than cost as this will show on the day.

5) If providing food for your guests always orders 15% less than you expect to arrive and then if numbers go up, you can always add on. This will protect you from paying for things you haven’t had, as once numbers are confirmed with the venue they can keep the cash should your numbers drop, due to cancellation policy!

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You can also find more information about our ‘Fun Day’ activities by clicking here.

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