Corporate Christmas Events Management – Why make the effort?

Corporate Christmas parties have become an annual social event for a lot of companies over the years.

The downside is that on most occasions the whole company / division / department may be invited, but only a certain amount of colleagues actually take up the invitation and sometimes this percentage is as low as 30% – But why is this?

Unfortunately there are a vast amount of companies that have the attitude of ‘well they had the invite, it’s their problem if they don’t come along’……….of which I ask to them – ‘have you ever researched deeper to find out the reason why these people may not be coming along?’

If your company is in a similar boat to this, I recommend you do the same and be prepared for some surprising results that can change the way you plan, present and organise your future corporate events such as Christmas parties..
OK, so if a friend invited you to a night out some 4 months before the date its 99% likely you would be able to say yes – right? So why do so many companies find that in some cases as low as 30% of the people invited actually commit to coming along?

For me, it strikes a chord to take action quickly and review the company’s overall ‘culture strategy’!

Ask these questions:

– Is everyone aware of and truly on board with the event vision and mission?

– Do the departments have involvement in the company’s priorities?

– Are staff, at all levels, given a reward for recognised effort throughout the year?

– Does everyone feel valued?

Sometimes a corporate entertainment event like corporate Christmas parties can be seen as an ‘it’s done because the company feels obliged’ rather than using this great opportunity to reinforce the company’s positive message about how important the internal culture is to the organisation and its output. This is normally evident to employees when a party has no ‘wow factor’ to create any great memories, talking points or ‘buzz’ in the workplace like using Narnia Winter or Willy Wonka themes with huge Christmas sign posts all over the company.

…………………but it doesn’t have to be that way!
If your company really looks into the reasons why a Christmas party gathering is so important, you should then be able to create a super strong message to your people throughout the year, which if done correctly will encourage more people to participate in invitational events. The investment of time and money into the event itself will determine how loud your message will be and how well it is received.

Return on such an investment will include:

Higher staff retention (lower employment costs for new staff)
Employees feel valued so give back more (good culture is a two way thing)
The Chordiem team have helped many companies over the last 15 years develop the perfect Corporate Entertainment such as Christmas Party which delivers a strong message about your company culture. If you are interested to know more about how your Christmas events can be developed into something very special, totally memorable, and essentially motivating, please do contact our expert team on 01793 887 632 or send an email to

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