5 Corporate Christmas Party Game Ideas to Try

During office Christmas parties, employees can relax, enjoy drinks and have a good time with one another. A great way to start your office holiday party is by playing games. If you’re looking for office Christmas party games to try out, we have compiled a list of the best ones to help you plan ahead for your big office Christmas party.

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 Top 5 Game Ideas for a Corporate Christmas Party

1. Christmas charades

For a little laughter and fun, as well as to break the ice, why not play charades with your team? This classic game is a must-have for any party, as most people will be familiar with it.

Teammates need to pick out Christmas movies, songs, decorations, shows and characters from a hat and describe what they chose by acting it out. Besides being a great festive game, charades also promotes teamwork and team building.

2. Secret Santa

Secret Santa is always a fun idea for a corporate Christmas party. Several weeks in advance of the party, the names of everyone at work will be written on individual pieces of paper and placed in a hat. Each person will then select a name and purchase a gift for that person. The Secret Santa activity can be tailored to your budget and theme. To make the gift exchange more playful, you can ask participants to buy each other only funny gifts or novelty items.

3. Scavenger hunt

Group everyone into teams or pairs, and instruct them to find items tucked away in your party location. Whoever returns with the most items or provides photographic proof of their discovery is declared the winner.

There are several ways you can host a festive scavenger hunt. You can give your team the task of finding the delicious festive treats you have placed throughout the office. You can also have everyone head outside and explore for some Christmas outdoor scavenger hunt fun.

4. What’s in the stocking

An easy way to get people talking and encourage positive competition is by playing what’s in the stocking. Simply stuff 10 small objects into a Christmas stocking. Christmas-themed items would be ideal. For instance, you can put a Christmas ornament, antlers, tinsel, candy cane or cracker. You can now pass the stocking around and ask everyone to guess what is inside based solely on touch. A prize is awarded to the person who correctly guesses the most items.

5. Christmas relays

What about a few relay races if you have plenty of space? For example, you can try a festive version of the egg-and-spoon race. All you’ll need are candy and an adequate number of spoons for participants, which need to be separated into two equal groups. Place stockings at each side of the room per group. Afterwards, each participant runs to their stockings, carrying a spoon full of candy. The candy must be placed inside the stocking without the players using their hands. The next player then does the same, and the group that fills their stocking the fastest wins.

Plan a Fantastic Office Christmas Party

Offering more than 35 Christmas party theme packages, Chordiem can help you plan a corporate Christmas party of any size. We also have a selfie mirror for hire, which you and the rest of your office can use to capture your party’s festive moments.Plan ahead for your corporate Christmas party. Feel free to contact our friendly team with any questions you may have.

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