Corporate Christmas Theming – How do you choose?

Hopefully you enjoyed my last blog about Corporate Christmas Parties – Why Make the Effort and now, with the Christmas season slowly approaching you may now be starting to think about the content of your special corporate event management activity.

Remember my comment about the ‘volume of your corporate message’?

Well this is a perfect opportunity to show your employees just how serious you consider the whole culture of the company and give a strong message that they are truly valued.

A great way of expressing this is by way of a ‘Themed’ party like masquerade ball party, Narnia themed, or Casino party, but what are the dos and don’ts that can make or break a Corporate Christmas party.


– Will the event be better attended if smart dress style or smart casual or even fancy dress? This will immediately exclude some theme options which makes the final decision a little easier

– Which corporate themes can be accompanied with authentic corporate entertainment, which will appeal to the majority of guests and most importantly not offend anyone!

– Does a particular event management theme interlink with any other ‘culture’ events you are organising or any projects the company has been working on throughout the year to keep some continuity

– If you have selected a corporate event venue before selecting an event theme, look at the room you will be having the party in and make a note of possible corporate event themes that first come to your head, note down 3 or 4 that you feel may work. If you are visiting with colleagues, have them all do the same, but without discussing first and then compare the lists – is there a common denominator?

– Remember, this is an investment into the business, so don’t ever consider that something that is being done for the sake of it.

– Discuss and decide upon a realistic budget for corporate event theming! Yes it will be more expensive than making do with the event venues in house centre pieces and square white cloths (never sure why they always tend to be square cloths on a round table?), but it will differentiate your company from the others. Corporate event Theme packages for hire generally have a starting price and then the option to add items and corporate entertainment for hire as required. Try not to work with ‘cost per head’ as for smaller groups this could seem expensive, but in reality it’s the same cost for up to say for example 150 guests or 15 tables, but the event management agent or coordinator needs to cover the base cost of the theme package irrelevant of the numbers.
Whatever the outcome here, there are plenty of corporate event themes to choose from out there in varying degrees and styles.


You may like the idea of a Wild West style event with a Barn Dance Band and Caller to get everyone involved. Also consider masquerade themes, Narnia, Willy Wonka or Casino themed parties. The menu can also be adapted here to ensure it’s a real authentic occasion. This corporate event theme is also an easy one for people to get involved and dress up without feeling silly or over conscious.

Superheroes like man of steel can give a very rewarding message to your employees if you connect the theme to how they contribute to the company.

Or…perhaps something more extravagant like a Masquerade Ball or Glitz and Glamour!

Whatever you choose, my advice is to consider the points above and have a professional event management agency with industry standard props and items for hire to install the theme for you. Homemade can sometimes seem less expensive, but can potentially send the completely wrong message and in some cases, can look awful.

Chordiem have been supplying and installing quality corporate event theme packages, theme props and entertainment to corporate events for over 15 years now with over 2000 successful events organised.

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