Corporate Event Day Activities to Impress Your Colleagues and Peers

You may have read my last blog about planning your perfect corporate fun day. If not, check back, it’s a great read.

This time I am sharing some useful tips about what to consider to be able to choose the very best mix of activities at your corporate entertainment day that are sure to impress your colleagues and peers.

Take some time and make a note of what you think really makes people react in a truly positive manor when on a day out.

To totally impress you’ll need a mix of activities, entertainment and treats to cater for all tastes so here are a few suggestions to help with that perfect mix!

Recognised from TV – There are many corporate entertainment activities and events available out there that your guests would have recently seen on TV such as ‘Wipeout’, ‘Gladiators’ or ‘It’s a Knockout’. The ‘Sweeper’ from Wipeout is ‘Sweeping’ the nation right now.

The Competitor Within – Activities that bring out that competitor within you, which can often be fun sports related such as Inflatable Volleyball, frost cavern, Human Table Football or Sports Day Races.

Happy Childhood Memories – A quick flash back to activities and treats you loved as a child can be very rewarding, almost like giving permission for one last go on the pick and mix stand or winning a cuddly toy of the fairground side stalls and who can resist a go on a Carouse, treasure hunt or the Dodgems!

New Releases – Selecting new activities that most people would not have seen before gives a real exclusive feel to the day. Usually these are the brand new activities to the country and can be a little pricier, but will be sure to create a buzz at the event. Like giant outdoor baubles, gotham city skyline, and even casino games.

Always Wanted to do That! – These activities are the rarer kind of activities that perhaps need a specific arena to be able to run. These don’t have to be complicated or expensive activities, many people enjoy trying activities such as Archery, Laser Clay Shooting, Duck Herding, large topiary, swindon casino, and Rock Climbing on a portable wall.

It’s understood that corporate event management fun days have varying budgets depending on the size of the company, how profitable the company is and the number of corporate audiences likely to attend. Activities, corporate entertainments, events management plans can vary hugely in cost so planning and booking the right blend to suit your budget can be a difficult task and something I’ll go into in my next blog.

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