Culture Busting – Company Charity Events

A great way to build a positive reputation within the infrastructure of your business is to connect to an event charity that your staff choose!

Invite your staff to help nominate a charity which is close to them and of which the company can support over a certain period or event. This can be done by taking staff suggestions of charities by a certain date, which then go into a hat and 3 are drawn. Then, you could ask for employees to vote for which of the shortlisted charities to select this time around. To make it fair, once a charity has been supported, it cannot be supported again for say 24 months. By getting your employees involved you will make your team feel really appreciated and give them confirmation that they are being heard. 

Once your charity has been selected you can then arrange for a double headed culture boosting event by bringing the teams / departments together boosting company integration and networking whilst having fun and raising much appreciated funds for the selected charity. 

It’s been proven that by having a catalyst such as ‘Fun Casino Table’, Pub Games or a Quiz to name a few people are more likely to talk to each other than that of receptions with nothing else to focus on apart from the people there. We’ve all had that feeling when you enter a networking situation of ‘who do I speak’ to and ‘what should I say’ or ‘will I sound stupid. These catalysts help normally conversation with simple opening lines, thus helping to break the ice on a first meeting and making it easier for conversation to flow.

How your Company Charity event can work:

The company sets a fair budget to invest into these charity events which covers the costs of putting the event on. 

The employees are then invited and pay a manageable amount (say £10 each for example) to attend the event with all their proceeds going to the charity, whilst everyone has a great night out.

Having your captive audience there allows you to reinforce your company message, your brand, your mission and your position. These events send powerful messages about the company and its values which in turn makes people want to stay on board.

Example of Company Charity Event:

Fun Casino:

This is one of the most fun, yet simple charity-based events you can organise.

A suitable venue is hired (we recommend not holding these events on site at the office) along with props hired.

For these types of events there is no need to focus too much on catering and drink, but it may be nice to have a few nibbles on offer, casino tables, and a cash bar available where your guests can buy their own drinks. 

Hire 3 fun casino tables per 100 guests 

When guests arrive and hand in their ticket, this can be exchanged for some fun money. The guests then take the fun money to the gaming tables which can include Blackjack, Roulette and Dice for example, where the fun money will be exchanged for playing chips. You guests can learn any of the games very quickly and, if they lose all their fun money too early, they have the option to go back to the registration table and donate an offering to get some more fun money. There is then a fun prize for the person with the most playing / fun money at the end of the night.  These events usually last around 3 hours.

Focusing on a staff selected charity can be one powerful strategy to help boost company culture in your workplace. 

If you would like help to organise such an event or indeed wish to hire Fun Casino Tables, please do contact us on 01793 887 632 or send an email request 

Here’s to ‘Making  Difference’ !

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