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dreaming-of-fun-in-the-sunThe British Winter….A time that can deplete general motivation in everyone, even the best of us!

It’s that time of year when even putting your foot out of the bed in the morning seems virtually impossible and definitely so much harder than in those summer months.

I think it’s safe to say, that for most, this time of year it’s harder for individuals to drive forward effectively with passion and enthusiasm, which in line has a negative effect on personal productivity, at home, perhaps the gym and of course, not forgetting……in the work place!

dreaming-of-fun-in-the-sunIt’s time!…Ever thought that now is a good time to plan to lift your team back up, get them right back on track and motivated to the max? You can easily start this programme by taking time to plan a specific Employee Motivation Strategy and Company Culture Programme for the next year (or more) and why not include an energising, motivational company Fun Day!


dreaming-of-fun-in-the-sunStarting to plan your employee motivational strategy now  will save you from being rushed, harassed, stressed and prevent you missing out on the best new activities for 2017. In fact, planning ahead for such events will leave you feeling very MOTIVATED indeed :).


It’s been proven that Higher Motivated Employees Produce Better Results in the work place and significant investment into ‘Fun’ at work has also proven to be one of the best methods of Increasing Staff Motivation as well as creating a hugely positive Company Culture!



The Benefits of Introducing a ‘Fun Day’ into your Works Calendar include:

  • Communication Levels Improve: People get to know each other better through informal networking away from the working environment, thus improving global company communication and understanding.
  • People Forget About Their Worries: Having fun releases positive chemicals in the body that enables people to forget about worries and to refocus on and more positive future.
  • Creates a Higher Respect for the Company: The feeling of reward for human effort is a hugely positive in the work place, often resulting in people giving back higher effort in the future.
  • Increase Internal Competitiveness: Friendly competition can be introduced to a fun event and often keeps a team on their toes back at the work place. It should increase the want to be better, to beat other departments, individuals and targets…now that can only be a huge bonus for the company
  • Improves Positive Company Culture: Such an event can be a platform to start a whole new company culture. A culture that has no boundaries, a culture that treats all staff as equal and gives them the opportunity to help shape the company, after all, the more employees a company has, the more fascinating ideas there are waiting to be unleashed.


I love this quote from Sir Richard Branson……

‘Train your staff so that they are good enough to leave, but treat your staff well so that they will want to stay’


To me, this is such a true statement. I believe that one of the biggest areas for ‘Return on Investment’ in any given company is the strategy, implementation and monitoring of the staff motivation and developing a positive, open and pro-active company culture.

How to Measure Motivation in the Work Place and Positive Company Culture:

A simple and true way to monitor this is to calculate the percentage of people that actually attend any cultural fun events your company organises compared to the total that were invited. If it’s lower than 75% you need to ask yourself why? Lower than 50% and you really do need to take action and review your company culture strategy. Remember everything monitored usually improves, so if attendance is low it’s not time to give up and pull the event the following year, it’s time to say ‘right…how do we improve the attendance? What do we need to do to get virtually everyone on board’ and never think your fighting a losing battle because you’re not, you may just need to change the direction of how things are done or create a consistently great motivational programme throughout the whole year.

Infusionsoft Limited, a company I know well and follow religiously in the USA, have mastered the art of positive and motivating company culture, have amazing attendance to all there events and are now known in the USA as one of the best companies to work for. A positive company culture attracts even more great people to come and work with you when you have this kind of reputation.

dreaming-of-fun-in-the-sunSo……this year if you haven’t planned anything ‘fun’ for your business, you’re definitely missing a trick……….I hope that this inspires some of you to plan and increase motivation in the work place……Motivation, by the way, never ends, there are endless platforms to be achieved (just like on Super Mario Brothers!)



dreaming-of-fun-in-the-sunAs a business owner myself, one of my many passions is investigating how motivation within the work place can be improved and increased, so should you need any assistance with planning a positive culture programme for your company, I would be happy to talk further with you direct about how i can help………..and, should you decide to plan a special ‘Fun’ away day and would like the very best in thought out activities for such events, my events team will be happy to assist.


You can see more information about our ‘Fun Day’ programmes and activities activities here or contact one of the team on 01793 887 632 / info@chordiem.com

Thanks for reading and stay in touch!

Jon Hewlett




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