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So you have been tasked with organising a themed corporate event. You have an idea for the theme and also for the event type.

So far so good.

As with any event, planning and preparation are the keys to success so ensure you have the basics locked down before you start booking venues or caterers.

Determining the basics

First you need to know how many people will be attending and who they are – employees, stakeholders or the public.

There is little point in planning a gala extravaganza if there are only 12 people attending – it will fall flat. To say the least.

Why are we here?

Equally important is identifying the purpose of the event.

Is it to generate sales, a sign of appreciation for staff, a celebration for stakeholders, engaging with future investors or an annual seasonal party?

When deciding the theme this needs to tie in with the purpose of the event as well as the company ethos and branding.

There is little more demoralizing for guests than a corporate event where everyone was asked to dress as a superhero and they have no idea why.

Your theme needs to have purpose and it needs to make sense.

Additionally it needs to be the common denominator throughout the entire event.

Event types

There are various event types you could hold such as auctions, awards ceremonies, breakfast briefings, seminars or gala events.

For whichever event type you are holding there is the question of entertainment.

Perhaps you need to book a speaker or organise entertainment or activities to suit not only the audience, but the theme and objective too.

For in-house events you could consider an outdoor cinema screening or a Kidult event offering trampolines and bouncy castles for the employees to enjoy, or hold a scavenger hunt or other team-building activity.

Gala evenings can be themed such as Rio di Janeiro night with Latin dance classes, or Days of the Raj with demonstrations of Anglo-Indian cookery from local chefs.

If it is a public event then you also need to find a ‘hook’ – other than free refreshments – to encourage the public to attend. The theme itself could be a great ‘hook’ but it must make sense in the wider scheme of things.

Whatever you choose, however, must be appropriate for the audience, the objective, the company and the venue itself.

The only limitations are your imagination … and of course money.


Obviously a key factor in organising any corporate event is the ROI. The budget could curtail your ideas of a black-tie event with ice sculptures and champagne fountains but it doesn’t have to curtail your imagination.

This is where an external company like Chordiem could make those dreams come true, by locating venues, caterers and perhaps even the ice-sculptures.

So why not give us a ring and find out what we can do to make your themed corporate event one to remember.


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