Examples of Corporate Events

It’s common for companies to connect with employees, partners and consumers through corporate events. These events are a great way to enhance employees’ skills, strengthen relationships among consumers or investors or encourage growth across the organisation. Well-planned events can contribute to the long-term success of a corporation.

Here, we outline common corporate events types so that you can choose the one most advantageous for your business.

A group of colleagues at a business conference

9 Types of Corporate Events

1. Conference

These are large gatherings usually divided into several sessions. During a conference, professionals from the same organisation or industry can participate. It’s held by organisations to discuss specific business issues. A conference also allows professionals to exchange ideas and brainstorm in a more formal setting.

2. Seminar

Compared to conferences, seminars tend to be shorter events. They can last from a few hours up to a couple of days. In seminars, there may be a single speaker or several ones, and participants often remain in the same room. Thus, seminars offer a narrower scope since they typically concentrate on one subject. There is usually a one-way exchange of information as well.

3. Product launch event

A product launch is designed to create buzz among customers, employees, stakeholders and media surrounding the release of a product. It’s often promoted in various ways to reach a much wider audience than those who can attend.

Product launches may start with a spectacular product unveiling and a speech from the organisation’s top executives. They often include giveaway bags, celebrity or notable speaker appearances and delicious canapes and champagne. Live entertainment for these corporate events can also be arranged depending on the industry.

4. Trade show

Trade shows encompass large-scale events featuring a variety of vendors or exhibitors from the same industry. Trade show organisers aim to position themselves as key industry players among the attendees and exhibitors. On the other hand, a company that chooses to exhibit at a trade show can meet potential customers or establish relationships with suppliers.

5. Workshop

The purpose of a corporate workshop is to impart skills to participants, typically employees of an organisation. It’s a practical learning experience since it aims to provide participants with new skills or knowledge.

6. Corporate dinner

A corporate dinner is a great way to introduce a new employee, let employees mingle, commemorate achievements and more.

7. Incentive program

The primary purpose of this event is to motivate and reward employees or maintain a positive reputation for the company. These trips last anywhere from three to five days. Meanwhile, planning includes selecting the venue, accommodation, transportation and catering, among others.

8. Team building activity

Team building corporate events make employees feel more connected to each other. They boost employee engagement, motivate employees and foster collaboration.

9. Charity event

With charity programmes, businesses can engage more with their communities. These events could include speaker events, dinner, concerts and anything else.

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