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As the ‘Corporate Christmas Entertainment’ season approaches, one of the most popular and universally understood entertainments for a corporate audience is a ‘Fun Casino’. Its attraction is the combination of the thrill of gambling but without the danger of losing any money!

Fun Casinos are also great for a mixed international, corporate audience as the games themselves are universally recognised.

But how does it all work?

Chordiem has been providing the very best ‘Fun Casinos’ for over 15 years and have offered various styles to suit different events.

Here we share with you 3 great ways to enjoy a ‘Fun Casino’

Fun Casino - Black Jack

The ‘Just for the Fun of it’ Casino:

This is the simplest format of a casino night and really designed to allow people to experience a variety of casino games they may have never tried before, which can include games like American Roulette, Black Jack, Dice and Texas Holdem Poker to name but a few.

Guests of the event are given a stack of chips at the casino table itself and can start to play (The croupiers will explain the game if someone has not played before). If the player is winning they can stay at the table and continue to play, or if they wish to move to another table the player can simply cash in the chips and receive some ‘fun money’ to value of their playing chips and take this fun money to another table, where it will be exchanged back to playing chips for that new casino game.

As this is a ‘just for fun’ option and all about the casino experience, more playing chips can be given if the player runs out.


The ‘Play for a Prize’ Casino

This version offers more of an incentive for guests to play.

It’s not unusual for the ‘fun money’ (not real money) to be given to each guest either on entry to the event or whilst sat for the meal. The guests then take this ‘fun money’ to the casino game of their choice where it will be exchanged for a stack of playing chips. The main difference here is that because a prize is involved if a person loses all of their playing chips and all of their ‘fun money’ then they are out of the game (unless of course, they can persuade someone else to give them their ‘fun money’), which can sometimes mean they won’t play for all that long if they are on the wrong side of luck. The version of a ‘Fun Casino’ is best played when there is another entertainment such as disco present at the event too.   Generally, the tables are open for 3 hours (and usually before midnight) so at the end of the allocated time all the players that still have some playing chips or ‘fun money’ cash them in at one of the tables. The croupiers will record who has the most and they will win the prize.


The ‘Play and Raise Money for a Charity’ Casino

‘Fun Casinos’ are one of the best ways to raise funds for a charity as part of a charity gala ball or dinner, however due to licencing it is illegal to use real money as payment at the tables or as winnings at a fun casino, so as an alternative you can raise funds by asking for donations at a separate table. For each donation, to the charity, the guest will receive some ‘fun money’ in return. To encourage people to make a donation you can still award a prize for the winning person like in the ‘play for a prize’ option above. If the guest runs out of ‘fun money’ or requires more, they can simply make another donation at the separate charity table to gain more ‘fun money’. As far as the fun casino goes the same rules apply as for that of the ‘play for a prize’ option, where at the end of the night the people who still have playing chips or ‘fun money’ left to cash in their winnings, the croupiers make a note of who has the most and the prize is awarded to that person.

At Chordiem we have seen £1000’s raise for great charities over the past 15 years.

If you haven’t experienced a great ‘fun casino games’ before hopefully this will explain how simple they are too fun and what great entertainment it makes as an accompaniment to other entertainment or themed events such as Las Vegas (Chordiem do theme too) or indeed as a stand-alone entertainment for any size of the group.

Should you wish for any further information about ‘fun casinos’ or even to book some tables for your next event, contact one of our expert team on 01793 887 632 or send an email request info@chordiem.com



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