How You Can Improve Your Corporate Event Attendee Experience

Organising and managing corporate events can be difficult, but it’s crucial to ensure attendees have a good time. Luckily, there are several ways to improve the attendee experience at your next corporate event. From choosing the right venue to utilising corporate events management technology, you can make sure that your attendees feel welcome and special.

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What Are Corporate Events?

Corporate events are essential to any business’s plan to remain competitive in its industry and foster relationships between key individuals. A corporate event is a gathering of personnel, clients and other stakeholders associated with a company. These events can be held for various reasons, such as networking opportunities or team-building activities.

The Importance of the Attendee Experience

The ability of a corporate events planner or organiser to help facilitate a successful attendee experience can have lasting effects on the perception of a brand. During an event, the quality of content and facilities can impact how much knowledge is gained as well as how motivated attendees feel afterwards. Furthermore, corporate events that provide an enjoyable environment are more likely to generate word-of-mouth referrals, which could increase attendance at future events.

Common Elements of Event Attendee Experience


From the size and layout of the space to its amenities, the venue can be a crucial factor in whether or not guests have a good time. A venue should accommodate all attendees, leaving enough space for everyone to move around comfortably without feeling overcrowded. Additionally, planners should consider if there are multiple rooms or levels within the venue that could be used for different activities or areas of focus during an event.


Whether it’s a product launch, conference or trade show, entertainment helps to set the tone and break up the monotony of long events. It also encourages guests to interact with each other and enjoy themselves in a stimulating and memorable atmosphere. From live music to interactive games, there are many options available when it comes to entertainment for your next big event.

Food and beverage

Whatever your event’s size, selecting the right food and beverages for your guests is crucial. If you are hosting a large gathering with multiple activities throughout the day, consider providing various options such as buffet-style meals or stations that offer snacks and refreshments like coffee, tea, juices, cocktails or beer. For smaller events like conferences or seminars, serving light hors d’oeuvres may be more suitable in order to create a more intimate atmosphere while still providing sustenance during long days of listening or networking.

6 Tips for Improving the Attendee Experience

1. Plan the event design

Without a creative and well-thought-out design, the event will lack atmosphere, and guests may not be inspired to engage. A corporate events manager must consider all aspects of the venue, from seating to decorations, in order to create an atmosphere that will entice people to attend.

Lighting, sound quality and décor should all be considered when planning an event. Lighting should be bright enough to allow attendees to read the materials provided but not so bright that it becomes glaring or overwhelming. The sound quality needs to be loud enough for everyone in attendance to hear presentations clearly but not too loud, as this can easily become uncomfortable. Décor should complement both theme and objectives of the event while providing adequate space between each element within it.

2. Create a compelling reception area

When your guests first arrive, the entrance—whether you’ve set up a registration area, displays, a cocktail hour or a welcome party—will set the tone for the rest of the event. Consider your opening touchpoints carefully and establish an engaging tone from the start. You can surprise guests with a welcome gift and branded water bottle for back-to-back conferences in their hotel rooms.

3. Make the registration process seamless

In order to achieve a successful, profitable events program, your organisation must provide a frictionless onsite experience for your employees. Start by ensuring that payment processing and email communication meet attendees’ expectations. Answering attendee questions in advance also facilitates the registration process.

4. Use onsite technology

Onsite technology can make it easier for attendees to access information, network with other attendees and keep track of their schedule. Additionally, by utilising the latest technological advancements, events and conferences can provide guests with a unique and engaging atmosphere. For instance, interactive digital displays are a great way to provide attendees with fun activities while they explore different areas within the event space.

5. Ensure engaging entertainment

Choosing suitable activities for attendees will significantly impact their overall experience. You can choose live music, interactive games or even creative workshops. Providing food and drinks throughout the evening is another great way to keep guests entertained at your event. In addition to creating a more relaxed atmosphere for everyone involved, it also encourages networking opportunities among attendees.

6.      Conduct follow-ups

Conducting follow-ups can improve the overall attendee experience and ensure that everyone attended had a positive experience. Following up with attendees is also beneficial for developing relationships and understanding how your event was received. It allows you to gain feedback on what worked well, areas of improvement and any suggestions they may have for future events.

When conducting follow-ups with attendees, make sure you reach out promptly after the event closes, either by email or phone call. This will show them that their experiences are valuable and make them recall your event in a positive light. Additionally, you should tailor your approach based on their interests. This could include offering additional resources, such as networking opportunities or discounts for future events.

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