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Welcome to our Helpful Hints and Tips Page! Here you can check out some really useful articles about event operations, why events are so important to your business, how events increase employee motivation and much more.

Essentials of Planning a Themed Corporate Event

So you have been tasked with organising a themed corporate event. You have an idea for the theme and also for the event type. So far so good. As with any event, planning and preparation are the keys to success so ensure you have the basics locked down before you start...

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How Charity Focussed Events Boost Company Culture

A great way to build a positive reputation within the infrastructure of your business is to connect to a charity that your staff choose! Invite your staff to help nominate a charity which is close to them and of which the company can support over a certain period or...

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Improving company culture through team events

It is no secret that some of the world’s leading companies are those who have created a positive company culture. According to research, 88% of employees believe that a distinct corporate culture is important for business success. A positive culture is the key to...

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How a themed event can portray your company

Themed events are a great way to drive awareness around your business, and really portray your company in the way you want to your desired market, or audience. There are a few ways in which themed events can help with company or brand messaging, including: Creativity...

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Benefits Of Motivating A Team Through Team Building Events

Whether for businesses or sporting clubs, team building is all about appreciating, developing, understanding and maximising the people in your team and also the team as a unified group. Team building activities are designed to bring all members together for a common...

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