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Welcome to our Helpful Hints and Tips Page! Here you can check out some really useful articles about event operations, why events are so important to your business, how events increase employee motivation and much more.

A Thought for the Corporate Party DJ!

As we lead into party season, here's some great thoughts to consider about the humble party DJ! The DJ is not a musical mind reader The DJ knows what tune one person likes, another person won't The DJ does not own every piece of music out there The DJ knows...

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Why Invest in Halloween & Other Fun Company Events

Using special dates such as Halloween and Christmas as a catalyst to motivate staff and to amplify your company message has many benefits. People look forward to ‘fun’ People remember ‘fun’ By remembering ‘fun’ they will remember what’s associated with that fun...

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Why Now Is The Time To Get Your Christmas Party Sorted

Come November, the DJ is already booked throughout December, the games you wanted to hire have already gone and the venue doesn’t have the day you want free. It looks like your Christmas event may have to be held in January. The moral of this tale? The early bird gets their venue and DJ of choice and all the entertainment they desire. 

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Download the Chordiem Event Checklist

New to events or perhaps experienced problems in the past?

After many years in the event management industry, we have experienced all the high's and low's that come with running events. To help you run your next event without a hitch, you can download our FREE Event Checklist. Follow this guide and you are sure to have an awesome event.

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