Top 14 Creative Office Ideas for Your Next Office Christmas Party

Are you looking for creative corporate event ideas to make your company’s Christmas party more fun for everyone in the office? Besides organising a Secret Santa and giving out corporate Christmas gifts, there’s plenty you can do to get your team in the holiday spirit. This article explores some unique ways of bringing festive cheer to your workplace.

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Office Christmas Party Ideas 2022

Here are some office Christmas party ideas guaranteed to make your party fun and help your team bond.

1. Costume party

Spice up your annual holiday party by hosting a costume party and inviting employees to dress as their favourite Christmas characters. Make the party even more fun by encouraging staff to stay in character or quote classic lines from their characters. Also, remind everyone to maintain a secular atmosphere so that everyone feels welcome.

2. Tree decorating competition

Christmas tree decorating competitions are fun activities that promote creativity and teamwork. To start, you’ll need miniature Christmas trees. Form teams and give them 20 to 30 minutes to trim and decorate the trees. Afterwards, each team should explain their design to help you determine the winner.

3. Escape rooms

Escape rooms can add some excitement and fun to your holiday party. Employees and co-workers will have a blast playing this interactive holiday party game. Together, guests can solve puzzles and attempt to escape before the time runs out. A customised version can also be created to match your company’s culture, size and values.

4. Plan a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are a fun, affordable way to involve your entire team. Get employees to snap silly photos, gather stamps or do fun activities in various places around the office.

5. Organise an office game show

Make your holiday office party memorable with a game show. You can use office game shows for team building, and they can even be customised to match your party’s theme.

6. Ugly Christmas sweater competition

Set up a craft station where everyone can customise their sweater. Visit a thrift store and acquire plain new sweaters for employees to decorate. Then, put on a runway show where participants can show off their ugly creations. Decide on the winner by having colleagues vote for their favourite sweater in a secret voting area. You can award the winner with a gift card or other prizes.

7. Mask party

What about a masquerade ball where everyone dresses to the nines? Set up a mask-making station for those without masks or who wish to embellish theirs. Supplies can include cards in different colours, ribbons, felt pens, feathers, glitter and other adornments. Then, create a photo booth corner with a backdrop curtain and props like beards, fairy wings, hats, feather boas and silly signs.

8. See who can lip-sync best

Lip-syncing contests are another excellent way to help spread holiday cheer. There are no restrictions on what song you can use for the lip-syncing competition, but it’s best to choose something everyone knows. Your guests should also be instructed on preparing themselves for the lip-syncing contest as soon as they arrive at the party venue.

9. Pet party

It is common for workplaces to invite employees’ families to the holiday celebration, but few extend the invitation to pets. If most of your employees have a pet, consider throwing a pet party. But of course, it’s best to find out if any of your employees have allergies first.

When planning a pet-friendly party, ensure all pets are vaccinated and get along with other pets. You can hand-themed toys and treats around Christmas, host a contest featuring pets in costumes, and have them pose with Santa for pictures.

10. Build gingerbread houses

Make things interesting by holding a gingerbread house competition. To get started, form groups of four or five employees and provide them with the necessary materials. You should hand out gingerbread house components, like walls and roofs, and all the decorations, including candies, frosting, liquorice and other confections.

11. Celebrate holidays from around the world

Most nations, religions and cultures celebrate a festival during the holiday season, so why not showcase them and throw a holiday party themed after them? If your office is multicultural, this is a great theme idea. Serve traditional foods from around the globe, and play festive songs worldwide.

12. Give out Christmas cards

Christmas is a great time to thank your employees for their hard work and loyalty to the company. You can make someone feel special and motivated with a word of appreciation. And corporate Christmas cards are the ideal medium for this.

Provide each person with a personalised message. Messages written by hand are better, but you can always print them if you need more time.

13. Pyjama party

Cocktail attire and black tie are common dress codes for Christmas parties. However, many people enjoy unwrapping gifts in pyjamas while relaxing on the couch. If this matches your company’s vibe, then throw a pyjama party. Have everyone dress in their most fuzzy pyjamas or seasonal-themed pyjamas. The best dressed can be rewarded with a prize. Serve breakfast foods that are suitable for Christmas. Lastly, don’t forget to provide plenty of seasonally inspired coffee and hot cocoa.

14. Award ceremony

Award ceremonies are a great way to express gratitude for employees’ hard work throughout the year. Award your top performers, such as the top salesperson, the person with the biggest improvement, your best customer service representative and those who hit all their goals for the year. The ceremony can include some fun categories, such as the office jokester, DJ of the office, caffeine aficionado and kindest employee. You can award them with trophies, medals, bonuses, gift certificates or vouchers.

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Christmas parties are a great way to build teamwork, appreciate your employees and increase team motivation. An ideal office party is one that makes sure everyone has fun and gets into the festive spirit.End your search for an ‘events company near me’ by partnering with Chordiem. We have an expert event service team dedicated to providing quality corporate events management services and making your corporate events a success. Contact us today!

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