Organising a ‘Culture Boosting’ Company Activity Day – Part 1:

It’s proven that recognition and reward are two of the most powerful tools for motivation in the workplace.

Company Fun Activity Days are a superb, cost effective way of rewarding a company’s biggest investment – the people that work and produce the ‘life’ of the company.

Company Fun Days like this can bring everyone together, break down departmental and hierarchical barriers whilst sending a powerful message to the employees that the company does care, is thankful and appreciative of the efforts of all its employees whatever the role they play. It also allows employees to see the full scope of what and who they work for. Seeing so many people attend one corporate event really does give a sense of pride of being part of a successful team.

All sounds great right, but how do you start to organise such an event that needs to have the right balance, the right message, the right culture and the right atmosphere to ensure that all attendees really do feel that the company is a GREAT PLACE TO WORK?

Chordiem have been successfully organising Company Fun Day Events for over 15 years providing the activities, necessities and expert advice and management to ensure that each company fun day goes without a hitch. We’ve learnt a lot over the years and would like to share 5 simple steps that will help the planning of a great, focussed on employee event.

  • Plan in advance (give plenty of time)
    • We find that it best to start planning around 6 to 8 months out from the potential month the event will be held.
  • Decide why it is that the company is doing this event and what is the message to be communicated.
    • Remember ‘If the WHY and the WHAT are clear – the HOW is easy’
  • Test Initial Interest (to be able to forecast attendance levels)
    • Send a really positive intranet message to all employees saying that as a thank you for their efforts and the success they bring, the company is planning events and  organising a fun activity day which will take place on a weekend or evening ( an exact date is not yet needed). 
  • Explain that the company event will be open to the employee and their immediate family (people are more likely to attend at a weekend if family are invited too). 
  • State that the company event is to be in the summer of this year and we would appreciate it if you could let us know if it’s likely you would attend such an event and how many people would you bring. 
  • Give a deadline for responses, but allow at least 3 weeks in case of anyone being on holiday….and don’t miss anyone out. 
  • Consider where the company’s workforce lives
    • You’ll need to decide on an event venue / location most accessible to the majority of your employees, but also consider how you could ensure that those who live further out can still attend at no extra expense to themselves.
  • Carefully decide on an ideal value per person 
    • Consider what the workforce brings back to your company. Where would the company be without them? (HINT – a company should never take the approach that they are providing them a job and they should be grateful – the world has changed.) 
  • This figure can then be multiplied by the ‘YES’ responses to indicate an ideal budget to run the event itself.

Organising a corporate fun activity day will be made much easier by using these 5 simple steps some 6 to 8 months prior to an event. 

Look out for our next blog about what to include at Company Fun Day Events and should you need any further help planning then contact one of our expert team at Chordiem on 01793 887 632, or click here for more Fun Day information.

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