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How to nail participant integration at the start of a company event.

My Event Service Company Chordiem Limited have developed a great ongoing contract with a national engineering company whereby, for their intensive training events we provide some light hearted, informal games to help integrate the participants and act as an ice breaker at the start of their course. 

The format is that they arrive on Monday evening and have dinner in the restaurant (usually a group of around 20) then, they are told that deserts will be served in a separate area. Guests (who are different each time and of whom are not aware of what’s ahead) are shown where to go for their desserts and coffee. 

On entering the room they are greeted with a selection of great fun games including favourites such as Air Hockey, Table Tennis, Giant Connect 4, Table Football, Skittle Alley, Roulette boards, Casino tables, Jenga and more…….Along with a few drinks too 😉

As a result the company has found productivity of the course and the relationships within the company increase 2 fold! 

They have seen the importance of integrating new people into a work environment using fun and child reminiscence as a tool and as a result the group are ready to work together without any hesitation in group exercises throughout the week’s course. 

They have also noticed that the relationships developed from day one by the use of these corporate games to create talking points, to create a little competitiveness and friendly banter have lasted way after the course and throughout the company, even if they are in different offices.

If you or your clients believe they may benefit from using our large selection of corporate fun games as a tool for ultimate group integration, Chordiem would be delighted to help. Check out the link below and feel free to contact one of our expert teams for more information and costs.

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