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Planning an event is not as easy as it may first appear. There is a lot more to it than simply booking a venue and engaging some caterers.

Guests at any experiential event need to have a little more than refreshments to keep them entertained so an event planner needs to consider entertainment, activities or games.

Choosing appropriate entertainment must be guided first by the budget, but whatever the budget there is a great selection available.

Then you need to consider what the purpose of the event is. What is appropriate for a celebratory evening event may not be appropriate for an afternoon team-building event. A casino evening, for example, is also not going to go down well at a Gamble Aware meeting.

So, a little bit of thought needs to go into this.

You also need to consider the age-group of the attendees. A group of octogenarians are probably not going to partake in bouncy castle fun, but they might enjoy celebrity impersonators, a magician, or even a generational contest should the attendees be mixed age-groups. However, separating employees into generations is not going to be an effective way of team-building so again the purpose of the event needs to be considered.

A room full of younger computer professionals may enjoy a selection of retro arcade games which include air hockey, pool, skittle alley and pin-ball machines. Put them into a room of professionals aged 40+ and they will start to re-live their misspent youth.

For teambuilding or bonding events, such entertainment as quizzes, murder mystery events or chocolate making will go down a storm.

As easy as it is to choose alcohol related activities because it can help people relax, the appropriateness of this has to be a factor. An evening awards ceremony may be aided by alcohol but at an afternoon corporate event this could be completely unsuitable.

If you want some guidance on appropriate forms of entertainment or games for your event give the professionals at Chordiem a call.


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