9 Unique Corporate Events Ideas to Boost Employee Engagement

An essential part of a company’s success is organising corporate events. Not only are these events an excellent opportunity for employees to come together, but they also promote teamwork and boost employee engagement. Look no further if you are looking for unique ideas for corporate events to bring your team closer together, look no further. This article offers unique ideas for corporate events to help boost employee engagement and create memorable experiences for all involved.

Importance of Employee Engagement

For a business to succeed, employee engagement is crucial. It contributes to employee motivation, productivity and retention, which are crucial to a company’s profitability. Companies must host unique corporate events to maintain employee engagement and enthusiasm. These events enable employees to interact with one another outside of their daily work environments, strengthening bonds and encouraging teamwork. They also provide employees with something fun to look forward to along with their daily duties, allowing them to feel appreciated by their employers.

Corporate events can range from park activities to team-building exercises or even workshops that allow employees to brainstorm new ideas and strategies. With various event types available, companies should select the type that meets their specific needs while promoting employee engagement.

Motivated multiethnic employees involved in teambuilding activity at office meeting

9 Fun Corporate Event Ideas for Increased Employee Engagement

1. Give out an employee of the month awards

This can boost employee motivation and let employees know they’re appreciated for their hard work. This recognition also motivates others to strive towards similar accomplishments.

These awards don’t have to be limited to one individual each month; different categories can be created for different accomplishments. Awards could include the best performing employee, the most creative project or the best customer service rating. As a bonus, these awards will be even more memorable when presented at corporate events!

2. Office animal therapy

Animals have been known to relieve stress, enhance social interaction and stimulate positive emotions. They help people connect while providing occasional breaks from work. Corporate events featuring animals can boost employee morale and promote team building at the same time. Animals create a playful atmosphere that encourages collaboration and makes work more enjoyable. A visit from therapy dogs, cats or even potbellied pigs can quickly make a dull day more fun and entertaining.

3. Learning lunches

This unique event idea facilitates employee interaction and learning through an informal lunch setting. Employees can chat and relax while eating delicious food, all while learning new skills that will help them succeed. Learning lunches offer the perfect combination of fun, learning and camaraderie, making them a great choice for any corporate events planner. These events cover a wide range of topics, from team-building workshops to industry panel discussions.

4. Volunteer together

Volunteering encourages collaboration and community among employees. It’s also a chance for them to give back to their community, enhancing their relationship as well as helping those in need. Consider organising a volunteer event if you are looking for unique corporate event ideas to engage employees and promote social responsibility.

As a team, your employees can work on something bigger than themselves, whether volunteering at soup kitchens, maintaining parks or building houses, allowing them to build stronger relationships.

5. Celebrate work milestones

Celebrating achievements at work can allow teams to come together in a relaxed setting and toast their accomplishments.

Organisations should plan an event suitable for the occasion to make the most of this celebration. For example, a banquet or awards ceremony might be a good idea if the team has reached a milestone within a specific timeframe. If you have had multiple successes this year, why not have a party with games and activities?

6. Dress according to a theme

Having themed outfit days can create excitement in the workplace and boost employee engagement. Themed outfit days allow employees to express their creative side by designing costumes based on specific themes. It also allows them to bond with their colleagues by expressing themselves through clothing. On top of that, it adds some variety to routine office wear, enhancing employee motivation and energy. A few popular theme ideas include movie characters, superheroes, aliens, animals and even historical figures!

7. Regular potlucks

Regular potlucks allow employees to get to know one another, establish relationships and have fun together. On a monthly or quarterly basis, invite employees to bring food from their country of origin, culture or family recipes. Not only does this promote employee bonding through the experience of trying new foods, but it also exposes team members to each other’s backgrounds and interests. This sensory experience will strengthen co-workers’ relationships while preserving memories they can look back on with fondness.

8. Health and wellness

A unique corporate event focused on health, and wellness is a great way to show your employees how much you care about them. Not only will this foster a positive working environment, but it can also help your employees stay healthy and productive.

For starters, you can offer yoga classes or guided meditations as part of a larger corporate event. These activities can relieve stress and improve focus at work. You could also set up running clubs and sports leagues for employees so they can interact while being active.

9. Game nights

Game nights enhance employee engagement at work. In addition to providing employees with a fun and unique way to interact, they can also improve team morale and encourage collaboration. By organising an evening full of enjoyable activities, businesses can foster a sense of togetherness among employees.

You can create an entertaining corporate game night from word games and puzzles to trivia contests and board games. These activities allow everyone to relax and have fun while practising problem-solving skills that could be useful at work. As well as fostering a sense of community within the organisation, game nights provide an opportunity for friendly competition, a sure-fire way to keep spirits high.

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Corporate events boost productivity and employee engagement. Organisations can encourage teamwork, boost team spirit and create lasting memories by hosting unique events like game nights, potlucks, themed outfit days, learning lunches, and more. With the right corporate events company, these unique event ideas can give your employees an unforgettable experience.With Chordiem, you can expect the highest quality event management services. Contact us today, and let us help you plan the perfect corporate event for your company!

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