What kind of Corporate Entertainment Team Building Activities Suits Your Business the Best?

It’s been proven that team building and corporate entertainment activities can vastly improve morale, communication, productivity and culture within a company, but how do you go about choosing the right kind of team building activities to suit any particular group?

Chordiem have been organising successful corporate team event management activities for over 15 years and gathered masses of experience and expertise along the way.

At Chordiem we are asked all the time for team building, but we found that team building means different things to different companies. To help you find the perfect event for you, we have listed a few categories under which team building activities are usually grouped.

Outdoor Pursuits:

These activities range from anything from clay pigeon shooting to quad bikes, treasure hunting, outdoor giant baubles and from archery to duck herding. Although these activities come under the heading of team building, they are actually more on the side of corporate entertainment services and event management incentive activities. The usual event format will be to have a group of up to 10 people at one activity at any one time and each person will have a turn whilst the others watch on. There can be a team element added to make the activities competitive, but this kind of activity is not going to have a group of people really ‘working’ together as such. Our recommendation is that this kind of activity be used as a reward to employees or even event management training of some sort.

Corporate Entertainment Development Activities:

These activities may not look as exciting as those mentioned in the outdoor pursuits, but they are the truest form of ‘team building,’ corporate entertainment activity. Chordiem runs this style of activity when a client wants to improve communication, improve leadership, time management and resource management to name but a few. The activities focus on the specific corporate audience; how they behave and how they react to any given situation. These activities are the ones to use for team development and are perfect for departments which may have merged or a new team formed, or indeed for a number of departments that need to work better together. Our tip……make sure you split people up out of their usual social network at the work place 😉

Construction Corporate Events:

Very much a team development challenge where teams will be given a brief to build an object out of the materials provided. Chordiem often adds some pre build planning into the activity along with some budgeting for materials to really give a true to life business situation and to test further skills for the participants. We would recommend this type of activity to any group wishing for the teams to improve planning skills, communication, time management and resource management.

Fun Sports:

Under this heading we place activities such as ‘It’s a knockout’ inflatable challenges as well as team sports like soft ball, volley ball, football, treasure hunting, fun gambling games for parties as well as a whole host of other fun based team challenges. These activities offer a great combination of social fun, team morale, competitiveness and teamwork skills and in the case of the inflatable options offer a great visual surprise as the teams enter the arena! Although these activities are some of the best fun, they do make for a more energetic option with a slightly higher risk of personal injury, but this is usually caused by that over-zealous character in the group.

These are just some of the categories of team building activities available today and hopefully this will give you an insight to which style of corporate event management would work best for your organisation.

For more information about team building click here and if you are planning such an event and would like further advice and to see some options and prices contact our expert team on 01793 887 632 or send an email request to info@chordiem.com

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