Using special dates such as Halloween and Christmas as a catalyst to motivate staff and to amplify your company message has many benefits.

Halloween company event

  • People look forward to ‘fun’
  • People remember ‘fun’
  • By remembering ‘fun’ they will remember what’s associated with that fun experience
  • By remembering the company message through the event, your team will have a constant understanding of your companies’ culture and what their valued contribution means.

It’s simple to overlook investment into the people that are responsible in making the company profitable and growing constantly, so, should we be taking a finer look into how ‘fun’ can actually give you a return on investment.

  • Staff that look forward to experiences at work are more likely to stay
  • By staying longer your cost of employment should decrease sufficiently due to:
    • Reduced employment agency costs
    • Reduced interview costs
    • Reduced induction costs
    • Reduced implementation costs
    • Reduced training costs
    • Reduced crescendo effect of other leaving too

Over time a business develops trust in its staff and the same happens in reverse, your staff develop trust and loyalty back to you. People will go the extra distance for a company they trust and management who treat them well, this in turn increases productivity of individuals, who would perform duties above and beyond their employment specification. Therefore, it is so important to ensure retention of great staff, by creating ‘fun’ throughout the year on a small and large scale.

Fun can be brought into the company culture, through events, intranet challenges, lunch break areas, sports opportunities as well as social and game clubs, such as chess or backgammon to name but a couple

So, if you are going to invest in ‘fun’ you’ll surely get the return on investment, but to be successful ensure you focus on the following:

Halloween Theme party

  • Consider the ‘purpose’ of your actions!
  • Do it properly with thought, care and investment!
  • Ensure your message is amplified to your audience. They will listen!
  • Gain feedback!
  • Adapt, but never stop!

If you are planning a ‘fun’ event, but finding it hard to plan or don’t seem to be able to allocate time, please do contact the professional team at Chordiem on 01793 887 632 or simply send an email request to If you are looking to have a Halloween Theme party then check out our great selection of theme props – Halloween Props


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